Prep Product Center for Amazon FBA/FBM

We guarantee fast work and transparent cost of services for the full packaging and preparation of Amazon FBA/FBM products.

  • Amazon FBA Packaging Center

    Sy Supply - this is a universal solution for the total preparation of your product for sale on the Amazon FBA online platform. Our packaging center guarantees high-quality and uninterrupted work in accordance with all Amazon FBA requirements. Warehouse services include: labeling, packaging in polyethylene and bubble wrap, creating sets, as well as many other services for your business.

  • Amazon FBA Returns

    We know how important it is for every business to minimize losses. For this reason, our returns service saves our customers hundreds of dollars. Our return service includes: receiving returns, inspection, repackaging, preparation, and shipping to the Amazon FBA online platform or any other address within the United States.

  • Storage Services

    Amazon never ceases to amaze sellers with new requirements and limits regarding FBA warehouses. We help our partners keep inventory close to Amazon warehouses and ship within 24 hours of a request. Our storage services are provided at a flat rate that does not change during storage.

  • Forwarding & Inspection

    You can safely rely on us for inspection, return of damaged goods to the supplier and forwarding to the Amazon warehouse. We try to meet the expectations of each of our customers, which is why we have developed different levels of inspection, from a simple inspection and verification of quantity, to a detailed inspection of each item.


10 000




5 000+



You do not pay for loading bulky goods, we have all the necessary equipment and technologies;
We fully ship the goods for you through User Permition access;
We operate a pallet exchange program, so with us, you don't pay for pallets;
Sy Supply conducts a full inspection of your goods, selects damaged ones, provides you with a report and agrees with you on further actions;
We carefully remove materials prohibited by Amazon FBA: styrofoam balls, flyers, labels and others;
Our company responsibly selects the method of sending your goods and interacts only with trusted organizations: USPS, UPS, LTL Amazon-Partnered Carriers;
Sy Supply specialists dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
All this and much more is already included in the price of our services!



FNSKU sticker

  • Acceptance and gluing of FNSKU more than 1000 units: $0.45
  • Acceptance and gluing of FNSKU 500-999 units: $0.65
  • Acceptance and gluing of FNSKU 200-499 units: $0.70
  • Acceptance and gluing of FNSKU 100-199 units: $0.75
  • Acceptance and gluing of FNSKU 21-99 units: $0.80
  • Acceptance and sticking of FNSKU less than 20 units: $0.90

Removals orders

  • Removals orders over 1000 units: $0.65
  • Removals orders 500-999 units: $0.70
  • Removals orders 200-499 units: $0.75
  • Removals orders 100-199 units: $0.90
  • Removals orders 21-99 units: $1.10
  • Removals orders less than 20 units: $1.20


  • Sets/Bundles 2 pcs: $1.00
  • Sets/Bundles 3-5 pcs: $1.20
  • Sets/Bundles 6-9 pcs: $1.50
  • Sets/Bundles 10-12 pcs: $1.75
  • Bubblewrap: $0.30


  • Forward 1 box: $3.00

FBM order

  • FBM order 1 box: $2.00
  • Add. unit on order: +$0.30
  • Small box: $3
  • Big box: $5
  • Bubble/Polly Mailers: $1.50


  • Reception and processing: $2.00


  • Redemption of goods $200-500: 5%
  • Redemption of goods $500-1000: 4%
  • Redemption of goods over $1000: 3%


  • Small pallet (40x48x44): $22 per month
  • Standard pallet (40x48x72): $35 per month

Additional services

  • Repackaging: $3 per box
  • Photo for listing: $5 for the photo
  • Call to suplier: $10
  • Hourly payed job: $35
  • Acceptance of 20ft container: $350
  • Acceptance of 40ft container: $450
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I love that the warehouse is located very close to Amazon’s. I’ve been working with Sy Supply for a year now and I’m totally satisfied with the quality and quickness of their service so far! Thanks!
It was my first experience selling on Amazon and I’ve chosen these guys to prepare my goods. I loved how the management took care of and helped me to figure out everything. I highly recommend Sy Supply team!
Анатолий Ян
It’s a delight to work with Sy Supply. Very professional and reliable staff! Thanks for being so helpful with my business 👍🏻 …
Anastasiia Kurbatova
I have been working with this prep center since they opened. All the guys are professionals, but I would like to mention Nikita, this is a person who is in touch 24/7 and will help with any issue related to my product. I am very pleased with the work of their company and am happy to save my money with them. Thank you for your hard work and reliability!
Henryk Kluneika
Reliable and high quality Amazon FBA Prep Service. Professional, very quick and highly efficient with the job. Offered a lot of services. Responsive manager! The warehouse is also conveniently close to Amazon's. I highly recommend
Виктория Грач
I appreciate the price of the service and the management is highly knowledgeable.
Daniiar M
applied to this company. They did everything quickly and efficiently, they were always in touch. I recommend!
Ромыч 1
high quality, fast, reliable 🤝 I recommend! …



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